Collaboration in 3 Easy Steps


I’ve heard people say, “If you want something done right, you must do it yourself.” 



That may be true in some cases, but mastering the art of collaboration often brings far better results. I’m a raving fan, especially after my experience redesigning my website. I needed help through every stage of the process and felt overwhelmed until I began to follow these 3 easy steps: 

1. Visualize your goal.

 I started with nothing more than a big idea: I want my website to deliver a vivid experience that engages the senses, not simply communicates information.

 I had a clear vision of my goal but wasn't sure how to get there, so I checked out dozens of websites to see who was already doing this well and made a list of elements to consider. I guess this phase could be called virtual collaboration! 

Then I talked to people. A lot of people! That's how I met Jessie, a literary agent who listened to my ideas and understood my goals. She suggested I take a look at Jordyn Redwood’s Medical Edge Blog as an example of a site that effectively combines words and images to establish a mood. This site also introduced me to the work of a fantastic new suspense author and has become a valuable source of medical information for my novels!


(Collaboration = Multiple benefits!)

2. Magnetize your idea.

Next, I sketched the image I envisioned for the header so I could communicate my idea to others. This project was getting some traction: now I had a big idea and a drawing!



If you're thinking, Bless her heart, she’s going to need more than that! , you're absolutely right!

So I magnetized my idea by sharing it with others and attracting the interest of key professionals. Each one added an entirely new dimension of enthusiasm, creativity, and technical expertise to my vision.

 Take a look at the incredible team I collaborated with next:

  • Jon Holloway (assisted by Lyndi Simms), who perfectly captured the images for the site. 
  • Andy Johnston, A. J. Design and Marketing, who creatively translated the raw images into pictures that tell a story.
  • Michael Dropps who skillfully coded a custom website template to display the images and content.
  • Light & Life Communications who gave permission to use the video and magazine article they produced on my site. 
  • Furman and Kay Self who provided the ideal location for our photo shoot. 
  • Character Models: Kirby "Elizabeth" Self and Evan Hughes who accurately personified my characters.
  • Debbie Gillespie who provided the Monarch image on the FICTION page. 
  • John Paul Goodman and Rafael Jimenez at Metal Fabricators of Greenwood and David Pulley with D. P. Signs who provided the materials for the SECRET and KEEP OUT signs.
  • My incredibly supportive family and colleagues at StaffSource. And my husband Jasper for encouraging me and managing all of the critical details that keep our life together running smoothly. I could never juggle all of this without you!   

3. Energize your vision by giving it legs!


This is where we are today!

After six months of hard work, my collaborative team has breathed life into my little stick people. And now we are beyond excited to introduce them to you. Let me know if I've accomplished my goal of entertaining and intriguing you!


I’m often asked why I've chosen to write for a young audience. 

(See my AUTHOR page for the complete FAQ)


Here's my response:

 I write to encourage, strengthen, and inspire young readers because I appreciate the difficulty of making the transition from child to adult with the mind, body, and soul intact. 

If you also want to support teens through these challenges, will you help by giving my website some legs?

It's easy! Share my site and blog posts with your family and friends. And join the conversation by posting a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the site and how collaboration has worked out for you.


I’m so glad you’re here. Together, we are going make a difference!

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